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TruGrain Material & Sustainability

Why were rice husks chosen as a material for TruGrain made with Resysta?
The rice husk is a widely available renewable resource that is normally disposed of via landfill. The husk mainly consists of cellulose and does not grey, in comparison to wood, which has 30% lignin, the substance that allows greying to occur.

What additional materials comprise TruGrain?
The key ingredient in TruGrain is rice husks. Additional ingredients include synthetic plastic polymer and rock salt. For more information or questions on vinyl products
please click here.

Does TruGrain contribute to LEED credits?
Yes. Under LEED v3 (LEED v2009) for New Construction, TruGrain may qualify for the following credits:

Indoor Environmental Quality

IEQ 4.2: Low-emitting materials/Paints & Coatings – 1 point

Innovation in Design

ID Credit 1: Rapidly Renewable Materials 5% - 1 point

Materials & Resources

MR Credit 5: Regional Materials, 10% or 20% Manufactured Regionally – 1-2 points

MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials – 1 point

MR Credit 6.1: Material Disclosure and Assessment – 1 point

Sustainable Sites

SS Credit 7.1: Heat Island Effect/Nonroof – 1 point


Can TruGrain decking be installed without a substructure or TruGrain joists?
No, it is not possible to install TruGrain Decking without a substructure or joists. It is essential to fix the planks per the installation guidelines. Due to thermal expansion, an arching of the ends of the planks could occur without proper installation.

Is it required to use TruGrain joists?
TruGrain joists are for very specific installation uses only. Conventional substructure and joist material are preferred. If using TruGrain joists, be sure to adhere to the distances and instructions on the TruGrain installation guide and in the construction details available at The Westech technical team is available to answer questions when necessary.

What is the longest distance TruGrain can span without supplemental support?

Supplemental support must be used for any clear spans using TruGrain. The support size will vary depending on the TruGrain profile being used; engineering calculations will be required on a case-by-case basis. The internal support can vary and thus the span will vary depending on the design intent and customer requirements. The Westech technical team is available to answer questions.

How should the material expansion and contraction be addressed during installation?

Always consider linear expansion of TruGrain profiles before and during the installation. If temperatures fluctuate during the installation, the intentional gaps placed between the boards and at the ends of a wall must change with temperature. If using aluminum trim or accessories to cover the ends of profiles, the length of the cut board must change with temperature. See the specific products installation guides for further details.

Which screws are recommended to attach TruGrain decking?
TruGrain offers two different clip systems or a hidden face fastening option utilizing stainless steel screws. All clips purchased through Westech come with the appropriate fasteners for installation. Please refer to the installation guidelines for specific screw sizes and applications for the various installation methods.

Is a different screw required for toe nailing?
A #10 x 2-1/2” stainless steel screw is the code compliant screw to use for toe nailing the full length of the board. However, if you are toe nailing the center of the board to control expansion and contraction, the same screw used for the clips can be used.

Why are there different installation methods between metal and vinyl clips?
The metal clips are installed fully and allow for the next deck board to be placed under the clip without much effort. The vinyl clips must be left loose until both deck boards are installed on either end of the clip. If the vinyl clips are tightened down right away it will be very difficult to install the next board.

Is TruGrain delivered in the color desired?

No, all TruGrain products are delivered in the natural shade. 26 stains are available and can be ordered separately at It is strongly recommended to apply the stain and sealer prior to installation.

Is it possible to use only sealer on raw TruGrain products?
No. In order to seal TruGrain products, it is necessary to first use one of the Resysta water-based stains. To achieve the raw, natural color of TruGrain, use stain C23 (Aged Teak) to achieve that look. Following application of the stain, apply
Resysta 2K Sealer RFS to obtain the color protection.

Can I use other stains with TruGrain products?
We recommend using the Resysta water-based stain and sealer because it was especially developed for long durability with TruGrain.

What is the cure time of TruGrain stain?|
TruGrain stains are all water-based and therefore have a limited working time. Applying the stain in direct sunlight and high heat also limits the working time. It is recommended to work in 3’ x 3’ areas. Refer to the installation guidelines for further recommendations to achieve the best results.

Is it possible to install TruGrain decking around a swimming pool?
Yes, of course. TruGrain is chlorine and salt water resistant and has high slip resistance, making it suitable for installation around pools, hot tubs, outdoor showers, and other wet areas.

Maintenance & Warranty

What is the recommended maintenance for TruGrain?

It is recommended to use TruGrain stain and sealer at the time of installation. In order to keep the appearance and color the freshest, routine cleaning can be done with soapy water and a soft cloth.

Will power-washing harm TruGrain materials or cause the finish to chip?
Power-washing is not recommended. A gentle stream of water and rubbing with a soft cloth should clean dirt resulting from standard use and exposure.

How often do I have to refresh the stain and sealer?
This is dependent on the amount of wear and tear. In low traffic areas TruGrain should only need to be cleaned. Higher traffic areas may need to be sanded and restained/resealed more often.

Can I change the color of the decking if desired?
Yes, the deck planks can be re-sanded to apply a new stain color and sealer. Do not use sandpaper grit greater than #36 for final refinishing and do not use any type of rotary or rotating sander.

How do I treat accidental stains on the raw decking?
Stains should be removed as quickly as possible. TruGrain products don’t absorb water, liquids cannot penetrate the product; thus, stains can be removed with water and a cloth.

What is the TruGrain warranty?
Westech provide a 25-year warranty on residential material application of TruGrain products and a 15-year warranty on commercial material application of TruGrain product subject to the limitations set forth on the full warranty. The warranties guarantee the products won’t crack, splinter or rot like wood during their respective warranty timeframes.

Is there a warranty on the finish?
The warranty is on the material only. Stains and sealers for the finish are supplied by others; consult supplier instructions for warranty information.

What is proper disposal for TruGrain material?
TruGrain products should only be disposed of with other common bulky waste. It is not recommended to burn TruGrain as a disposal method.

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